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GNU Terry Pratchett

Friday, October 28, 2011

One spindle at a time....

So here we are, Whorled Domination! finally has a space in the blogosphere! :) I will be updating weekly with new spindles, news, events and information. Whorled Domination! can also be found on facebook, Ravelry, and our etsy shop :)

If you see something in any of the updates that you wish to purchase, you can email me at with your order (please note that there is only one of each spindle), or contact me via PM on Ravelry where I am brighidskiss.

Whorled Army! Spindle Club

For those of you who don't already know about this one, you can find out the details in this thread on the Whorled Domination! Ravelry group.

Sign-ups for the next round will open on November 5th and run through till December 5th, with the club shipments being mailed out on January 5th of 2012.

For those of you not yet on Ravelry, the details are as follows:

This is a PAYG quarterly club, with one package being sent every 3 months (containing a spindle and fibre to the value of whichever tier you select). You may opt out of club at any time provided you do so by the deadline of the 5th of the month prior to shipping. Places are strictly limited - if you are on the wait list and someone opts out, the person on the top of the list will be offered a place in the club with the option to stay in. If you opt out of more than 2 consecutive shipments, you will automatically be placed on the wait list. If you fail to either pay or notify me that you are opting out by the deadline (and yes, I will be sending reminders so you don’t forget!), your membership will be automatically terminated, and if you wish to rejoin at a later date you will be put on the wait list until another place becomes available. From time to time I may offer additional places in the club, pending my ability to keep up with demand. 

Club tiers are as follows, all prices are in AUD:

Tier 1, Basic: drop spindle and small fibre sample (50g or less, depending on what kind of fibre it is) every quarter. $30 plus shipping.

Tier 2, Regular: drop spindle and usually a minimum 50g fibre sample or a smaller amount of a luxury fibre or blend - one shipment out of every 4 is guaranteed to be a luxury fibre or blend. $40 plus shipping.

Tier 3, Deluxe: drop spindle and up to 100g of fibre every quarter, depending on the blend. This club option also guarantees that 2 shipments per club year (so 2 out of every 4) will contain a luxury fibre or luxury blend (the luxury blend fibre will normally be 50g). $50 plus shipping.

You will have several options to choose from with regard to fibre content, colour, spindle colours/materials and top or bottom whorl - everyone who signs up will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return to me so that I can make sure I don’t send you anything you don’t like :) Australian members will have the option of whether you want to receive washed raw fleece as a possible club fibre - I will not be offering this to members outside Australia due to customs restrictions.
Fibre may be undyed, hand-dyed or hand painted, depending on what I can find for the club and your personal preferences as to fibre colours/content. Spindle materials may vary according to which tier you select - but all spindles will be handmade by me and I will do my best to cater to any preferences you indicate in the questionnaire.

Shipping costs will be $7.00 within Australia, and $12.00 for everywhere else. If you would like to spread your quarterly payment out over each quarter, let me know when you sign up and I can set it up for you with Paypal :) You have the option of using Paypal, or for Australian club members, direct deposit.

Spindle Competition, the First!

Over on the Ravelry group we are running a spindle-making competition till December 1st, with great prizes for lots of different categories. Check out the Spindle Competition thread with all the rules, details and prizes on offer - come on over and have some fun with us! :)

Pure Tea-vil - Whorled Domination's Organic Tea Range!

Teas are now available for sale! All tea is loose leaf and certified organic unless otherwise stated. Prices are as follows (all prices are AU$ and do not include postage):

Organic hazelnut cream tea - 20g pouch (makes about 6-8 cups) $2.75; 50g pouch $5.50; 100g bag $10.15
Organic black chai - 20g pouch $2.60; 50g pouch $5.00; 100g bag $9.50
Organic cinnamon black tea - 20g pouch $2.20; 50g pouch $4.00; 100g bag $7.50
Organic art tea - white tea with lily and globe amaranth $3.50 per ball, or 3 for $10.00 (larger quantities will be available soon)
Organic art tea - green tea with lavender and jasmine $3.00 per ball, or 3 for $8.50 (larger quantities coming soon!)
Tea hearts - rose black tea in pink foil - 0.75 each or 3 for $2.00 (black tea with rose petals)
Tea hearts - jasmine green tea in gold foil - 0.75 each or 3 for $2.00 (green tea with jasmine flowers)
Combination pack of 4 tea hearts (2 of each variety) $3.00 - larger quantities coming soon!

Phew, that's a whole lot for a first blog post! Tune in next week for the first WD update to stalk and snaffle some lovely goodies! :D I will leave you with a gratuitous bunneh shot of my 2 bunny girls, Izzy the lop and Chuubi the angora, inhaling their breakfast: